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From the Child Bright Foundation, we know that our work is only possible through outside support. With your collaboration, we can advance, establish more projects, and expand in an effort to reach out to more children. We need your help to be able to finance a dignified future for the Children of Nepal. What costs us a coffee a day, every time we go to work, covers the amount needed to sustain a child.

You can make just one payment, become a member of the Foundation, or, if you’d prefer to make a direct tie to a child, you can sponsor one of them and follow them as they grow up.

Furthermore, you can collaborate in other ways, like helping us to create a support network. Every day more people become aware of the fact that just a little help and dedication can help create lasting sustainable development in these communities. Tell your close friends and family; help to make a change that is possible.

Any option that you choose will be perfect and will help us to help them.

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