We are a foundation that was created with the sole purpose of HELPING CHILDREN IN NEPAL.

Our principal objective is to offer children lacking temporary or permanent residence a stable home that provides them with everything necessary for physical, psychological, and emotional development, and in this way contribute to their future integration in society.

After different members of this organization made a third trip to Nepal, and participated in an on-the-spot investigation of the conditions, it seems clear that the lives of abandoned children or children without parents was hardening on account of the freezing of adoptions and the lack of resources in the orphanages.

Many orphanages have already been closed and children remain homeless, destined to live on the street, or worse, sniff glue. These children have arrived at this point because they lack the protection that basic human rights should guarantee them.

Therefore, during our third trip to Nepal, we decided that we could not and would not ignore the situation, and thus we put into motion provisional help for children of CHILD BRIGHT FUTURE NEPAL through our blog.

Our first objective was to convert the basic needs of the orphanage we had stayed in direct contact with. We’ve successfully achieved the goal of maintaining the orphanage in full operation today (thanks to the help of many anonymous donations and much support) so that these children are able to attend school and so that the orphanage can open its doors to offer help to some of the other small children that continue wandering the streets of Nepal.

This work needs to be consolidated and expanded, which is why we decided to create the CHILD BRIGHT FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization whose goal is to help ensure the youth of Nepal enjoy the basic rights to shelter, nutrition, and education. That is, to put plans into effect to improve the conditions of the lives of children that live in situations of abandonment or extreme poverty, taking them into centres or orphanages so that they can claim their right to safety and affection, contributing to their development, nourishment, and education, in accordance with The International Convention of Children's Rights (November 20, 1989).

The income from donations all contributes to fulfil the objectives of our project. None of the members who collaborate with the Foundation receive any remuneration.

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